Our mission is to help daughters who are facing adversities to pull together their broken pieces to form a beautiful mosaic, filled with peace, purpose, and power.


I launched the Daughters Mosaic because there was a time when I didn't feel like a daughter.  As a former foster youth who was shuffled through the system, I belonged to no one. It felt as if the pieces of me were physically shattered all over the city of Chicago, and that self-destruction was lurking around every corner. It took an extraordinary mosaic of help for me to discover my divine status as a daughter of the universe, gifted and spectacular. Yet the most important piece of my mosaic is myself. Gaining autonomy over my identity is one of the most important aspects of my story. I am now a Business Law professor who infuses these experiences into every aspect of my professional identity. And through the Daughters Mosaic, I am now passing along my mosaic to other daughters who are also facing adversities. I intend to do this through workshops as a public speaker, through community-building events, and in books, op-eds, and the Daughters Mosaic Blog. My memoir, The Found Daughter: Pulling Together the Pieces of my Mosaic, is currently under representation by literary agent Eric Myers at Myers Literary Management.  Click here to learn more about my professional background.

-Cary Martin Shelby

Founder of the Daughters Mosaic, LLC

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